Zibo Ceramics boost industrial restructuring and upgrading of new materials

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Zibo ceramic glass production has a long history, after the baptism of high-tech, past pots has evolved into a sophisticated industry, Shandong Si Yuan stock company developed new materials ceramic zirconia toughened alumina ceramic materials with traditional wear resistance is increased 30-fold compared to the cost of imports is only 1/3 of the market share of 35%; Zibo Bo Hang Electronics Co., Ltd. developed an alumina ceramic substrate, is a national “863″ plan major industrialized project, now an annual capacity of 300,000 square meters, production capacity ranks first in the country; Shandong Bo Advanced Materials Joint Stock Company successfully developed fused silica ceramic roller, now an annual capacity of 400 tons of ceramic materials, the market share of more than 40 % or more; Zibo Fine Ceramics Co., assume the “863″ ceramic plunger and liner projects being realized industrialization, ceramics products as leading level, production scale and market share, ranking the forefront; Shandong Luyang ShareAnnual output of six major categories of zirconium-containing ceramic fiber products 40,000 tons, is Asia’s largest production base of refractory fiber, Luyang stock company established the country’s first provincial Ceramic Fiber Engineering Research Center, has received 49 patents, 20 R & D results to fill the gaps. Jin Jing Group is the first piece of glass maker, deep processing enterprises, the traditional product development over the last shelter become energy-saving glass, conductive glass and solar glass and other high-tech ceramic products, has applied to the Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, Burj Dubai, the Expo Sun Valley, by the National Science and Technology approved as the only function of the State Torch Program industrial base glass. Glass machinery technical level advanced in the world, the domestic market share of 60% or more.


Zibo also a high level of research and development institutions, the existing state-level engineering technology (research) centers three provincial centers 5. Pottery from Shandong Engineering Institute, Shandong silicon Yuan, Shandong University of Technology jointly established the “National Industrial Ceramic Materials Engineering Research Center”, is the first national industry of Shandong Province Engineering Research Center, R & D capabilities is an industry leader. In recent years, the city firmly establish the concept of new resources to the existing industrial raw materials for the foundation, through deep processing, focus on new materials lengthen the industrial chain, the development of a variety of resources to get the depth, so that the added value of resources in various industrial chain links to maximize the release of the annual production value of nearly 70 billion yuan, new ceramic materials, and is widely applied to chemical industry, electronics, aviation, aerospace and other fields

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