Leading the wide-body kiln kiln upgrading and updating

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In recent years, wide-body energy saving kiln to great advantage by the ceramic industry attention as a beautiful landscape. Numerous furnace equipment manufacturers are constantly innovative technologies continued to upgrade equipment, will build a wide-body kiln production to meet the needs of contemporary fine ceramic enterprises to promote the transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry

Among them, Guangdong kiln Kiln Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the kiln”) became wide-body kiln leader in product innovation, and has been at the forefront of the industry: 2007 assiduously, embarked on wide-body research and experimental work kiln ; early 2010′s first length 286 m, width 3.15 m within the wide-body ceramic kiln settled in Hunan Yatai Group, one successful ignition; 2013 painstaking capture full cast Glaze widebody kiln, marching towards high value-added products.

Over the years, the kiln focus on “fool” long, wide, low calorific value gas using energy-saving roller kiln research and development, high degree of automation, operation is extremely simple, thanks to the good at absorbing the kiln advanced furnace technology, and actively carry out scientific research cooperation with domestic universities, has developed a series of features with the kiln, furnace equipment can be comparable with the imported products.

New Products a significant advantage

Ceramics Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou this year, within the kiln launched the latest generation of wide and 3.45 meters wide body kilns. “At present, one in the north immediately ceramic enterprises build a home, which can take 10 within the wall, the daily output of 40,000 square meters,” the kiln Marketing Director Huangdan introduction.

“Saves power consumption by about 20% reduction in coal consumption 18% more than in the case of the same length, two wide-body production is equivalent to three conventional kiln roller kiln.” Huangdan said that due attention to optimizing the structure, design, material selection, etc. the wide-body kiln kiln has a significant energy savings.

Structurally, the wide-body kiln kiln patented invention hanging dome structure is unique technology, the current industry applications have the most mature; in the design, updating section temperature control technology (can be controlled within ± 2 ℃) and drive away brick control technology (out of brick kiln walking distance from the control rods in a less); in the selection, use of energy efficient spray guns, energy saving fan, etc., the use of imported insulation coating, creating excellent insulation effect of the “Down-style” thin kiln wall.

It is understood that in April this year, Shun Shing Ceramics Group applied the latest improvements in the kiln kiln wide-body, the inner width of 3.2 meters, which can move around nine neatly within the wall. The product uses the latest technology to improve transmission correction, transmission and drive technology are contained correction technology.

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